April could be the right month to quit smoking in UK.

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UKVIA (UK Vaping Industry Association), the country’s leading forum for supporting and promoting the vaping industry, speaks to smokers and urges them to take the VApril challenge, to give up cigarettes in 3 steps.

In the first one, in any date between 3 and 30th April, smokers can attend a Vaping Masterclass at specialist vaping stores in cities across the UK. Here, they will be introduced into the different devices and flavours on the market and advised of the ideal starting products by a specialist on the basis of their habits.

In the second step, smokers will receive for free the special guide Vape to break the smoking habit to be informed about the world of vape: how a vape device works, what component it’s made of, the main types on the market and how to choose the best strength of nicotine. The guide shows also some vaping facts to encourage smokers to quit.

The third step is about telling VApril stories on social: vapers’ experiences will help successful transition from smoking for more and more people.