Vape fairs in Europe: more, more and more

2019-07-18T23:34:16+02:00 July 11th, 2019|Events|0 Comments
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More exhibitors, more visitors and more events for vaping fairs in Europe. A rich calendar characterized the first six months of 2019, made up of new expositions in emerging markets and of historical fairs in well-established markets counting with several years of experience. These reference points has kept on growing and growing in the last years.

The Vaper Expo in Birmingham, for example, quadrupled its visitors and exhibitors compared with 2015.

A strong growth interested also the Vapexpo Spain: the first edition took place in Barcelona in 2015 and counted around 2500 visitors, while this year edition in Madrid (the 3rd) achieved 12500 visitors.

Huge numbers for the Hall of Vape in Stuttgart (more than 350 exhibitors and 20000 visitors in 2019) and Vapitaly, held annually in Verona, Italy: starting from 100 exhibitors and 9000 visitors of its 1st edition in 2016, the 4th edition of 2019 registered 200 exhibitors and 23000 visitors.

So, the trend is growing and with it the good reasons to attend or visit fairs: from one side the increase of the audience means more business opportunities.

Aside from that, there is also a flourishing of the collateral events organized by the expos: debates and congresses about vaping world, market and regulations – this is the room where to meet new and old partners, discuss with them and deepen extensive subjects with professionals and people of the industry.

These summer months are substantially a stop time for the European trade fairs: a good moment to take a rest to be ready for a hot fall.

Check our 2019 calendar of vaping fairs in the world.

And see you at the next events!