TRUSTiCERT is an Innovative SME: why this is a good news for our customers

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TRUSTiCERT is listed in the special register of innovative SMEs: we are part of the excellence of Italian innovation. Innovative SME are authoritative partners for R&D projects, offering to their customers high quality skills and benefits on project costs thanks to national structural funds.

What are Innovative SMEs?

This new category of enterprises was introduced in Italy in 2015 : they are enterprise with a strong calling to innovation. They must meet specific requirements to gain such definition: among the others, documented high rate of investments in R&D and innovation and a high rate of qualified personnel (Ph.D. or Master’s graduates).

Benefits for Innovative SMEs

They are entitled to some benefits and support measures: representing an important part of the economy, it is strategic to support the development of the SMEs that are guided by an innovation-oriented entrepreneurial culture.

Benefits for Innovative SMEs Customers

The companies that cooperate with Innovative SMEs for R&D projects can benefit from further savings on project costs thanks to national funds, such as a tax credit for R&D activities.

At the last survey, in June 2017, the Innovative SMEs were 565, with an increase of 177% compared to the previous year. Most of these work in the business services sector.
Being part of this exclusive group represents the achievement of a very important goal for TRUSTiCERT, which firmly believes in innovation as a means to increase the competitiveness of companies, improving products and services.