Vaping regulation in Canada

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Canada has a federal political structure, meaning that government decisions are divided between the federal government and the ten provinces and three territories. The same applies to vaping regulation: each province/territory can have its own requirements and some of them have already planned to apply significant restrictions, such as the ban on the use of flavorings or the limit of nicotine concentration at 20 mg/ml.

Vaping regulation in Canada

At the federal government level, the minimum age to buy tobacco products is 18 (19 in some provinces). Federal regulation also provides for:

  • Prohibition of vaping and selling in places where traditional smoking is prohibited
  • Restrictions on advertising
  • Restrictions on incentives or promotions for consumers
  • Prohibition of vending machines sales.

In late June, Health Canada, the federal department for health policies, banned the advertising of vaping products in the public places accessible to young people. The ban also applies to all e-cigarette stores and online stores, with the exception of adult-only establishments. The mentioned measures became effective from August 7. There might be other requirements in the next future.

In addition to federal regulation, provinces and territories may have additional restrictions; here the main ones.

Regulation of vaping in British Columbia

In 2020, the nicotine concentration will be limited to 20mg/ml for both pods and e-liquids, which must also be sold in simple packages showing a health warning 

It is also planned to introduce a legislation to increase provincial taxes on vaping products.

Regulation of vaping in Alberta

In June, the Health Minister tabled a law to prohibit minors under the age of 18 from owning, purchasing and using vaping products.

Regulation of vaping in Ontario

In July, new restrictions came into force limiting the sale of products with flavors other than menthol, mint and tobacco in specialized stores which serve customers 19 and older. Also vapour products with nicotine levels higher than 20 mg/ml will be limited to specialized stores. In addition, specialized stores must not have exhibitors visible from the outside.

Regulation of vaping in Nova Scotia

In Nova Scotia the maximum nicotine concentration in e-liquids will be limited to 20 mg/ml. The introduced limitation, which will come into force on September 1, follows an amendment approved by the government earlier this year that plans to ban flavored products other than tobacco ones.

Regulation of vaping in Prince Edward Island

Since the end of 2019, a new legislation has been under discussion that envisages raising the minimum age for the purchase of vaping products from 19 to 21 years.