Is a critical moment for vaping and flavors coming in Lithuania too?

2020-10-16T11:27:50+02:00 October 16th, 2020|Authorities, Regulations, World|0 Comments
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In Lithuania, flavor bans and zero regulations could be operational by the end of 2021.

Similarly to what happens in the other Baltic Republics and in other countries of the world, with flavor ban in vaping products, a possible tightening is on the horizon in Lithuania: the Parliament is in fact discussing changes to the tobacco law that would prohibit the use of flavors other than tobacco and would also place liquids without nicotine under TPD.

A first proposal was made in mid-May to ban, starting from 1 November 2021, the placing on the market of electronic cigarettes with liquids containing nicotine with “flavors other than the smell and / or taste of tobacco”. The proposed amendments would aim to make e-cigarettes less in demand, especially among minors, for whom flavored products could be particularly attractive.

In September, it is proposed to extend this ban to liquids without nicotine; this proposal is justified by the fear that consumers may mix neutral or tobacco-flavored nicotine liquids with flavored nicotine-free bases.

The competent authority has confirmed to us that a draft of the ‘Law on tobacco, tobacco products and related products’ has been submitted to the European Commission with the proposal to apply the same regulation as for products with nicotine to products without nicotine.

Details are not yet available: stay with us to be updated on all developments!