MHRA & TPD-II notifications: the time has come to check.

2018-07-11T13:40:59+02:00 March 29th, 2018|Authorities, Regulations|0 Comments
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MHRA is the relevant authority in the UK for application, control and assistance to companies in the context of TPD-II. We know that MHRA has actually started checking the notifications received, with particular attention to the presence of banned substances, defined in the TPD-II blacklist and in the national one.

In February, the MHRA E-cigarettes team announced that they received about 33,000 vaping product notifications; they have also renewed their commitment to process the notification promptly and to publish the product on the notified product list within one month. Once published, the notified product can be launched on the market.

MHRA recalled the importance of the declarations made during the notification process and the fact that they have to be supported by demonstrable features of the notified products. With regard to this aspect, we underline that TRUSTICERT has always declared the conformity of the products to all the requirements; we take this opportunity to emphasize to producers the importance of issuing a hard copy of the declarations to be presented in case of controls. We are available to provide you with full assistance.

MHRA is verifying that notified products are free from the banned substances as defined in the TPD-II blacklist and in the national one.
MHRA is sending an official communication to the notifiers who have such ‘irregularities’, but has not yet defined the methods of correction in case of non-compliance.

We are available to help companies resolve the situations highlighted by MHRA, following the notification update procedure and supporting in the dialogue with the authority.