Iceland’ s vaping regulation

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Iceland is not a European Union Member State. However, as a Member of European Economic Area (EEA), opted to converge to the regulatory model introduced by the European TPD-II.

Iceland and vaping

In Iceland the arrival of the e-cigarette has led to a significant reduction in the smoking rate. In 2014, 14% of the 330,000 inhabitants were smokers; in 2017 this number dropped to 9%. Currently vapers are approx 4% of the population.

Act 87/2018 on electronic cigarettes

Recently the Iceland Government has been the world’s first government to pass an Act specific to electronic cigarettes, with no ties to tobacco regulations.

The Act applies to electronic cigarettes and refill containers for electronic cigarettes, irrespective of whether or not they contain nicotine and entered into force in 2019.


So electronic cigarettes and vaping products must comply with European and national obligations, among which:

  • notification: manufacturers and importers send to the Consumer Agency a series of information on the products to be marketed following the european common format; the same applies to independent components to be used for e-cigarette equipment;
  • registration fee;
  • transitional period;
  • packaging requirements (health warnings and they are accompanied by directions on their use and storage);
  • requirements for CE marking (EMC, LVD and RoHS2);
  • safety mechanisms (Childproof, leakproof,…);
  • restrictions on ingredients (max nicotine concentration, banned additives,..).

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