Flavor ban enters into force in Lithuania, it is rejected in Sweden

2022-06-27T18:52:14+02:00 June 24th, 2022|Authorities, Regulations, World|0 Comments
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Lithuania aligns itself with other European countries by banning flavors other than tobacco, while Sweden rejects the bill.

A few more days for the free sale of liquids with aromas other than tobacco: in Lithuania on 1 July the ban will be effective which prohibits the marketing of products with and without nicotine with a taste other than tobacco.

The flavor ban was proposed by the Lithuanian Parliament, the Seimas, as early as May 2020 with the aim of making electronic cigarettes less in demand, especially among minors, for whom flavored products could be particularly attractive.

In September, it was proposed to extend that ban to nicotine-free liquids, supporting the fear that consumers might mix neutral or tobacco-flavored nicotine liquids with flavored nicotine-free bases.

Lithuania is also in line with Finland, Hungary, Estonia and Denmark, countries where similar flavor bans are already in force, and which could soon be joined by Denmark.

The opposite situation in Sweden, where the ban on the use of non-tobacco flavorings proposed by the government in February 2022, met with several opposing parliamentary motions and in June received an unfavorable opinion from the Health Commission of the Parliament.

A few days ago, it was rejected by Parliament, for which there is still no concrete evidence that aromas in liquids are carriers of toxicity.

Instead, the other proposals concerning the world of vaping aimed at protecting young people are supported (including restrictions on marketing, which cannot be aimed at children under 25, new rules for packaging).