Are e-cig effective for smoking cessation?

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We want to open this new chapter of the ECIG SCIENCE story with a pivotal article, published in 2019 by one of the most ambitious research journals in the world: The New England Journal of Medicine. It talks about one of the most debated aspects of vaping: how is it effective for smoking cessation?

886 participants were assigned to nicotine replacement products (NRT) of their choice for up to 3 months or an e-cigarette starter pack (second generation refillable with 18 mg/ml nicotine liquid). The participants received also a weekly behavioural support for at least 4 weeks.
The abstinence ratio from traditional smoke after one year was 18% in the e-cigarette group compared to 9,9% in the NRT group.
E-cig group reported more frequent throat or mouth irritation and greater decline in cough and phlegm production, whilst NRT group reported more frequent nausea.
In conclusion e-cigarettes were more effective for smoking cessation than NRT therapy.

The original work has been supported by the National Institutes for Health Research (NIHR) Health Technology Assessment Programme (project number, 12/167/135) and by a grant (A16893) from the Cancer Research UK Prevention Trials Unit.

This article was published on January 30, 2019, at and up to today it received 318 citations.