Zero nic liquids

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Liquids with zero nicotine are subjected to a very varied regulatory landscape.

While some Member States do not have precise specifications regarding liquids without nicotine, others constrain their placing on the market in steps similar to those of liquids with nicotine.

Zero nic products: Euromonitor data

The market for nicotine-free e-cigarettes is currently limited. Euromonitor data show that nicotine-free e-liquids for open systems accounted for only 0.15% of all EU tobacco and nicotine product sales in 2019. Eurobarometer reveals that while nearly half of e-cigarette consumers in Europe use e-cigarettes with nicotine every day, only 10% of them use e-cigarettes without nicotine on a daily basis.

Regulatory landscape of zero products

More and more States require the notification of zero nicotine products, some binding it to all types of nicotine-free products, others to products sold in combination with a device or as part of a kit, still others only to disposable devices.

In nearly all states where zero-grade liquids are to be notified, concentrated flavorings are also subject to the same requirement.

Not all States that provide for the notification of zero products require a fee, which, however, where foreseen, can reach significant amounts.

It is also important to remember that some states also apply important bans to liquids without nicotine, such as the use of flavors other than tobacco.